Oct 17, 2019

5 things you SHOULD do before start coding a new project.

From a long time, i've been preparing myself to create a new project that i had in mind. First thing that i thought was "i will put all my effort on finish it" because i already have experience trying to build something new and at the end i shamely abandoning it.

So, here is my list of five step we all should do before start a new project and avoid leaving incomplete.

1- Know what you want

I started to wonder why i couldn't finish them? One of the answer was i didn't know what i want pretty well. Sometime we have a brand new idea in the head but we don't think about the important things as the scope of this project.

It's sound obvious, you're probably thinking "how we can starting to build something if we dont know what?" but the fact is we get an idea and our developer spirit quickly push us to open VScode, and that's great :D thats mean you like to code and create new things but we should care about focus on finish the project, we have to be more rational beings.

Our first task is: write the what we want (in other tech words, the requirements)

2- Create an MVP

After the first step, we're ready to write an MVP with the functionalities that we want in our new app. The idea behind the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is produce an actual product, something that can be used by a customer.

At this moment, imagine you are the customer and select the things you want to see working, write them if its possible and stick to that list.

The benefit of this step is that it will allow you to choose the importance functionalities and have a useful product in less time. Remind just put the things that you really need first.

3- Make some Wirefames

Working with my first personal app i realized i lost a lot of time changing colors and element positions but never i felt satisfied with the result. Drawing a wireframe we can easily have a solid perception of how will look our app.

What about if im not good designer? It doesn't matter, this step is good for you anyway, it help you to save time and tears if you avoid changing a bunch of your css later.

If you dont know how to use tools like Sketch or Figma, Make it on paper (is the easiest way).

4- Choose the right tools

Before you write the first line of code, you need to have your tools, so this time you have to decide all the development environment and tools based in the requirements you took before. Selecting the right tool might help us to finish faster and better.

However, dont spend too much time seek and deciding things like "React or Angular", "Node or PHP", "Atom or VScode". When i mean "right tools" are those which you feel comfortable, not waste your mind-power choosing between counterpart.

5- Always use the good patterns

The last but not least, dont forget make the things right. This point apply to anything like database design, folder structure, conventions and good practices. if the project that we'll be building grow we have to be prepare its scalability.

Whether we dont follow the good patterns its turn into an unmaintainable and unhandleable project and you will have to leave it die.

This is my approach when i build some new serious personal project. What do you think about it? Can you share me yours?

5 things you SHOULD do before start coding a new project.