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Hi, I'm

Omar Gaston Chalas

A Javascript Full-Stack Developer, Lover of creating products which make people's life easier.

I'm always eager to hear about new ideas, create and learn new things.

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Who I Am?

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Well I'm Omar, a Dominican Software Engineer passionate about Javascript, web development and related technologies. As a developer, I've been building highly scalable business apps for more than 3+ years caring deeply about the details in both well-crafted code and user-facing experience.

Since I remember, I've always been curious and eager to learn new technologies and acquire new skills. Constant learning and a proactivity attitude have allowed me to be comfortable with the rapid changes which are already common in the modern tech industry.

It's not all about me, As a team player, I love collaborating with others and be involved in Open Source projects. For me, mentoring and helping others is the best way to giving back to those whos have led me in the past.

Despite I care about keeping my technical skills shaped, I also have a Startup mindset and pragmatic attitude, that comes with a willingness to lead projects and desire to understand about the business and where it’s heading

By the way, These are some of the tools I'm currently using:


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